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Rahul Mithaiwala (Shah Rukh Khan) is a rich forty-year-old bachelor living in Mumbai.

His parents died in a car accident when he was eight years old, so his grandparents raised him.

When Rahul plans to sneak away, she argues, not wanting to earn the villagers' distrust.

Tangaballi catches Rahul as he tries to leave, but the villagers help them escape again.

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Mayank and Rohit Shetty had originally planned to team up for a remake of the 1982 film, Angoor.

He helps her and four other people board the moving train, but the train leaves the station before he can get off.

Rahul tries to flirt with the woman, who starts communicating by singing parodies of Hindi film songs, and explains that the four men are trying to kidnap her.

He takes Meena back to her father and tries to make him understand and honour his daughter's wish. Rahul tells Tangaballi and his goons that he is ready for the fight this time.

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In the fight that follows, Rahul is severely injured but emerges victorious.Meena persuades Rahul to disperse his grandfather's ashes and travels with him to Rameswaram, where they complete the rites.