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25, 1950 Osage Cemetery Coronary Occlusion M Burial ANDERSON, Gilbert Osage, Mitchell Co. Cardiac Arrest F Burial ANDERSON, Lottie Mae Osage, Mitchell Co. 9, 1962 Osage Cemetery Irreversible Shock M Burial ANDERSON, Robert Gustaf Osage, Mitchell Co., Iowa 84 Jul.

Iowa 75 May 24, 1969 Osage Cemetery Non-Communicable M Burial ANDERSON, Lila Mae Osage, Mitchell Co. Iowa 68 May 22, 1967 Osage Cemetery Pulmonary embolus F Burial ANDERSON, Mervin Bernard Osage, Mitchell, Iowa 42 Jan. 4, 1950 Osage Cemetery Carcinoma of prostate M Burial ANDERSON, Robert Gustaf Osage, Mitchell, Iowa 84 Jul.

6, 1953 Osage Cemetery Gastro Intestinal hemorrhage M Burial BAILEY, Maud M. 13, 1962 Osage Cemetery Ventricular Fibulation M Burial BOWER, Charles E. 29, 1950 Osage Cemetery Coronary Occlusion F Burial BOWER, John Edgar Osage, Mitchell, Iowa 81 Feb.

Osage, Mitchell Co., Iowa 87 10/17/1971 Wayne Cemetery, Mc Intire Cerebral Thrombosis F Burial BAILEY, Rose Ann Osage, Mitchell Co. 28, 1954 Osage Cemetery Coronary Occlusion F Burial BAKER, Helen Maude Osage, Mitchell Co., Iowa 61 2/7/1972 Osage Cemetery Pending Autopsy F Burial BAKKE, Serina Austin, Mower, Minn. Non Communicable F BALDNER, Arnold Fred Osage, Mitchell Co. 28, 1967 Osage Cemetery Acute Myocardial Infraction M Burial BALDNER, Grace Elizabeth Osage, Mitchell Co. 22, 1965 Osage Cemetery Acute Myocardial Infarction F Burial BALDNER, William Osage, Mitchell Co. 20, 1959 Osage Cemetery Cerebral Apoplexy M Burial BOWER, Sandra Kae Woodward, Boone Co., Iowa 1 yr Jan.

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2, 1956 Osage Cemetery Myocardical Infraction F Burial ANGELL, Elde Osage, Mitchell, Iowa 84 Jan.

Iowa is a Midwestern state that is known for its state fair, agriculture and dairy industry, amusement parks college football, and modern cities like Des Moines, which has a great party scene with tons of bars and clubs, and plenty of sexy singles and swingers looking to hookup tonight.