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By 2012 nearly two million perpetrators had come before these tribunals.Women held 3 of the 12 seats of the commission tasked with drafting a new constitution for Rwanda, approved by referendum in 2003.Women moved from cleaning buildings to reconstructing them. Throughout the country, they created stability in the aftermath of unspeakable violence.As perhaps the most iconic woman leader, the late Aloisea Inyumba (pictured at right and top of page) oversaw crucial elements of Rwanda’s reconstruction.With 30 percent of parliamentary seats reserved for women, the council system fed those from lower levels into the reserved positions.Soon the women with the highest profiles and the most experience began running against men in non-reserved positions, and winning.After a national listening tour, she devised programs to rebuild her country.One of those was a new five-tiered system of local to national women’s councils, addressing key issues such as health, education, and security.

Women played key roles in Gacaca (pronounced gah-CHA-cha), a kind of truth and reconciliation process that operated most often at the community level.In only ten years, life expectancy has risen from 48 to 58 years.Deaths of children under five have been cut in half.Doing so, they set an example that offers powerful lessons for other conflicts.

Read more » Visit the Isange One Step Centre where survivors of sexual violence can seek medical treatment, counseling services, and legal help filing claims against their attackers.Electricity was erratic, running water non-existent, and governance minimal.

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