Drake and rihanna dating august 2016

25-Oct-2017 11:07

In 2009, the artist formerly known as Jimmy met a girl.Her name was Robyn Fenty, she hailed from Barbados, and he was immediately about it.But no VMAs moment epitomized Drake and Rihanna’s relationship quite like the curve—a lifetime’s worth of overreaching and rejection, immortalized in one gut-punching GIF.After Drake professed his love and Ri Ri was all like, “OK, Aubrey, wrap it up,” Drake appeared to go in for the kiss.Here I am, checking my texts, email, and snail mail daily, looking for an invitation to one of his pool parties so that he can rap songs from in my ear while I stroke his beard.And yet, he's out there gallivanting around with Robyn Fenty.Most of us know by now that Drake and Rihanna are one of the music industry's most notorious are-they-or-aren't-they couples.Maybe we'll never know the truth (and perhaps the duo prefers it that way).

But this is just the latest installment of Drake and Rihanna’s touring production of whipped Romeo and apathetic Juliet.

This song is not to be confused with Katy Perry’s “Firework,” a song about fireworks.