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Well, since our aim is to keep the Gettpal community safe and pleasant place for new friendships, here are a few rules and philosophy to help you meet amazing people just like you!

Gettpal is designed in such a way that it lets you meet new friends and experience awesome moments together!

We do understand that during shared activities members can meet a lot of new friends and maybe even a find love.

Hence, we encourage it to happen naturally, during shared activities and events.

• A Sweet Affair - Perch on hot pink chairs on the airy patio of Candy Apple Café & Cocktails as you sink your teeth into sinful mac 'n cheese, and then head upstairs to Jacksonville's very own Willy Wonka Factory: Sweet Pete's Candy Emporium!

The founding philosophy of Gettpal is to meet the needs of friendly individuals with a positive attitude, who are interested in meeting amazing people like themselves.

The main idea here is that the site is not for dating purposes and as such should not be an avenue to discriminate against other Gettpalers.

It could even be a dancer searching for a dance partner of the opposite sex.

Whatever the scenario may be, we strongly believe, that it's pretty clear that boundaries between both parties should be respected.

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